FunMat-II will provide knowledge-based design of functional nanoscale materials with unique and improved surface properties. This covers the entire chain, from synthesis to field-tests of the materials, and include computer-guided materials design and high-throughput calculations to search for new materials with the desired properties.

FunMat-II offers its industrial partners in-depth fundamental understanding of material science related to the manufacturing process, products and applications in addition to an open research environment enabling new influences and new perspectives on problems.

FunMat-II will act to engage and promote young talents, from high school to beyond, to choose a career path in materials science and engineering. A close collaboration between academia and industry partners will ensure a recruitment base of skilled graduates with knowledge directly applicable to their business.

Vision and goals

FunMat-II will generate new knowledge on material synthesis and design for cutting tools, fuel cells and batteries, and provide highly skilled personnel.

Specifically, FunMat-II will

  • Improve the understanding of synthesis methods of functional surfaces.
  • Search for, develop and validate new and improved materials using knowledge-based design, including materials behavior during service.
  • Educate and train people in materials science and surface engineering, from high-school students and their teachers to undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs and junior faculty, and industrial personnel.