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Publications 2021

Influence of Si content on phase stability and mechanical properties of TiAlSiN films grown by AlSi-HiPIMS/Ti-DCMS co-sputtering
T.-W. Hsu, G. Greczynski, R. Boyd, S. Kolozsvári, P. Polcik, S. Bolz, B. Bakhit and M. Odén
Surface and Coatings Technology (2021) 127661

Accurate prediction of high-temperature elastic constants of Ti0.5Al0.5N random alloy
J. Tidholm, F. Tasnádi and I.A. Abrikosov
Thin Solid Films 735 (2021) 138872

Efficient and accurate prediction of elastic properties of Ti0.5Al0.5N at elevated temperature using machine learning interatomic potential
F. Tasnádi, F. Bock, J. Tidholm, A.V. Shapeev and I.A. Abrikosov
Thin Solid Films (2021) 138927

Realization of an Ideal Cairo Tessellation in Nickel Diazenide NiN2: High-Pressure Route to Pentagonal 2D Materials
M. Bykov, E. Bykova, A.V. Ponomareva, F. Tasnádi, S. Chariton, V.B. Prakapenka, K. Glazyrin, J.S. Smith, M.F. Mahmood, I.A. Abrikosov and A.F. Goncharov
ACS Nano 15 (2021) 13539

Thermal degradation of TiN and TiAlN coatings during rapid laser treatment
M. Jafari, L. Rogström, J.M. Andersson, J. Birch, J. Gibmeier, M.J. Jöesaar, D.  Kiefer and M. Odén
Surface and Coatings Technology 422 (2021) 127517

Crater wear mechanism of TiAlN coatings during high-speed metal turning
M. Moreno, J.M. Andersson, R. Boyd, M.P. Johansson-Jöesaar, L.J.S. Johnson, M. Odén and L. Rogström
Wear 484-485 (2021) 204016

High-Pressure Synthesis of Dirac Materials: Layered van der Waals Bonded BeN4 Polymorph
M. Bykov, T. Fedotenko, S. Chariton, D. Laniel, K. Glazyrin, M. Hanfland, J.S. Smith, V.B. Prakapenka, M.F. Mahmood, A.F. Goncharov, A.V. Ponomareva, F. Tasnádi, A.I. Abrikosov, T. Bin Masood, I. Hotz, A.N. Rudenko, M.I. Katsnelson, N. Dubrovinskaia, L. Dubrovinsky and I.A. Abrikosov
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126 (2021) 175501

Influence of pulsed-substrate bias duty cycle on the microstructure and defects of cathodic arc-deposited Ti1-xAlxN coatings
J. Salamania, L.J.S. Johnson, I.C. Schramm, K.M. Calamba, R. Boyd, B. Bakhit, L. Rogström and M. Odén
Surface and Coatings Technology 419 (2021) 127295

Influence of Metal Substitution and Ion Energy on Microstructure Evolution of High-Entropy Nitride (TiZrTaMe)N1–x (Me = Hf, Nb, Mo, or Cr) Films
R. Shu, D. Lundin, B. Xin, M.A. Sortica, D. Primetzhofer, M. Magnuson, A. le Febvrier and P. Eklund
ACS Applied Electronic Materials (2021)

Enhancing corrosion resistance, hardness, and crack resistance in magnetron sputtered high entropy CoCrFeMnNi coatings by adding carbon
L. Zendejas Medina, M.V.Tavares da Costa, E.M. Paschalidou, G. Lindwall, L. Riekehr, M. Korvela, S. Fritze, S. Kolozsvári, E.K. Gamstedt, L. Nyholm and U. Jansson
Materials & Design 205 (2021) 109711

Temperature-dependent elastic properties of binary and multicomponent high-entropy refractory carbides
D.G. Sangiovanni, F. Tasnádi, T. Harrington, M. Odén, K.S. Vecchio and I.A. Abrikosov
Materials & Design 204 (2021) 109634

Phase formation and structural evolution of multicomponent (CrFeCo)Ny films
S.G. Rao, R. Shu, R. Boyd, G. Greczynski, A. le Febvrier and P. Eklund
Surface and Coatings Technology 412 (2021) 127059

Thermally induced structural evolution and age-hardening of polycrystalline V1–xMoxN (x≈0.4) thin films
M. Mikula, S. Uzon, T. Hudec, B. Grančič, M. Truchlý, T. Roch, P. Švec Jr., L. Satrapinskyy, M. Čaplovičová, G. Greczynski, I. Petrov, M. Odén, P. Kúš and D.G.Sangiovanni
Surface and Coatings Technology 405 (2021) 126723

Effect of nitrogen vacancies on the growth, dislocation structure, and decomposition of single crystal epitaxial (Ti1-xAlx)Ny thin films
K.M. Calamba, J. Salamania, M.P. Johansson Jõesaar, L.J.S. Johnson, R. Boyd, J.F. Pierson, M.A. Sortica, D. Primetzhofer and M. Odén
Acta Materialia 203 (2021) 116509

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