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Publications 2022

Morphology effects on electrocatalysis of anodic water splitting on nickel (II) oxide
Z. Wu, M. Vagin, R. Boyd, B. Bakhit, G. Greczynski, M. Odén and E.M. Björk
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 333 (2022) 111734

Dense, single-phase, hard, and stress-free Ti0.32Al0.63W0.05N films grown by magnetron sputtering with dramatically reduced energy consumption
X. Li, B. Bakhit, M.P. Johansson Jõesaar, I. Petrov, L. Hultman and G. Greczynski
Scientific Reports 12 (2022) 2166

Predicting elastic properties of hard-coating alloys using ab-initio and machine learning methods
H. Levämäki, F. Tasnádi, D.G. Sangiovanni, L.J.S. Johnson, R. Armiento and I.A. Abrikosov
npj Computational Materials 8 (2022) 17

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