Publications 2019

Accurate high-resolution depth profiling of magnetron sputtered transition metal alloy films containing light species: A multi-method approach
M.V. Moro, R.Holeňák, L.Zendejas Medina, U.Jansson and D.Primetzhofer
Thin Solid Films 686 (2019) 137416

Growth and Functionalization of Particle-Based Mesoporous Silica Films and Their Usage in Catalysis
P.-H. Wu, P. Mäkie, M. Odén and E.M. Björk
Nanomaterials 9 (2019) 562

Decomposition routes and strain evolution in arc deposited TiZrAlN coatings
L.Rogström, M.P. Johansson Jõesaar, R. Pilemalm, N. Ghafoor, L.J.S. Johnson N. Schell and M. Odén
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 779 (2019) 261

Dislocation structure and microstrain evolution during spinodal decomposition of reactive magnetron sputtered heteroepixatial c-(Ti0.37,Al0.63)N/c-TiN films grown on MgO(001) and (111) substrates
K.M. Calamba, J.F. Pierson,S. Bruyère, A.L. Febvrier, P. Eklund, J. Barrirero, F. Mücklich, R. Boyd, M.P. Johansson Jõesaar and M. Odén
Journal of Applied Physics, 125 (2019) 105301

Control over the Phase Formation in Metastable Transition Metal Nitride Thin Films by Tuning the Al+ Subplantation Depth
G. Greczynski, S. Mráz, M. Hans, J. Lu, L. Hultman and J.M. Schneider
Coatings, 9 (2019) 17

Electronic structure of β-Ta films from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and first-principles calculations
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M. Magnuson, G. Greczynski, F. Eriksson, L. Hultman and H. Högberg
Applied Surface Science, 470 (2019) 607

Characterization of DLC coatings over nitrided stainless steel with and without nitriding pre-treatment using annealing cycles
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E.L. Dalibón, T. Czerwiec, V.J.Trava-Airoldi, N. Ghafoor, L. Rogström, M. Odén and S.P. Brühl
Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 8 (2019) 1653

Effect of work function and cohesive energy of the constituent phases of Ti-50 at.% Al cathode during arc deposition of Ti-Al-N coatings
Author links open overlay panelB. Syed, M.J. Jöesaar, P. Polcik, S. Kolozsvari, G. Håkansson, L. Johnson, M. Ahlgren and M. Odén
Surface and Coatings Technology, 357 (2019) 393

Impact of the morphological and chemical properties of copper-zirconium-SBA-15 catalysts on the conversion and selectivity in carbon dioxide hydrogenation

Author links open overlay panelA. Atakan, J. Keraudy, P. Mäkie, C. Hulteberg, E.M.Björk and M. Odén
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 546 (2019) 163

Thermal Stability of the HfNbTiVZr High-Entropy Alloy
V. Pacheco, G. Lindwall, D. Karlsson, J. Cedervall, S. Fritze, G. Ek, P. Berastegui, M. Sahlberg and U. Jansson
Inorganic Chemistry, 58 (2019) 811

Influence of Deposition Temperature on the Phase Evolution of HfNbTiVZr High-Entropy Thin Films
S. Fritze, C.M. Koller, L. von Fieandt, P. Malinovskis, K. Johansson, E. Lewin, P.H. Mayrhofer and U. Jansson
Materials, 12 (2019) 587

Elemental Distribution in CrNbTaTiW-C High Entropy Alloy Thin Films
D. Shinde, S. Fritze, M. Thuvander, P. Malinovskis, L. Riekehr, U. Jansson and K. Stiller
Microscopy and Microanalysis, 25 (2019) 489

Effect of impurities on morphology, growth mode, and thermoelectric properties of (1 1 1) and (0 0 1) epitaxial-like ScN films
A. le Febvrier, N. Tureson, N. Stilkerich, G. Greczynski and P. Eklund
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 52 (2019) 035302

Ab-initio modeling and experimental investigation of properties of ultra-high temperature solid solutions TaxZr1-xC
A uthor links open overlay panelS. Vorotilo, K. Sidnov, I. Yu. Mosyagin, A.V. Khvan, E.A. Levashov, E.I. Patsera and I.A. Abrikosov
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 778 (2019) 480

Semi-Empirical Force-Field Model for the Ti1−xAlxN  (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) System
G.A. Almyras, D.G. Sangiovanni and K. Sarakinos
Materials, 12 (2019) 215

Identification of divacancy and silicon vacancy qubits in 6H-SiC
J. Davidsson, V. Ivády, R. Armiento, T. Ohshima, N.T. Son, A. Gali and I.A. Abrikosov
Applied Physics Letters, 114 (2019) 112107